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Daily muses on life

"Life is a journey..."

2 June
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A girl named

~ Feels the need to 'tell the world' whenever she finds something amazing~
~ ...but rarely does, for fear of not being accepted ~

~ Feels the need to be something amazing ~
~ ...but believes she is far from it ~

~ Wants to be someone who lives for the moment ~
~ ...But always spends each moment worrying about the next ~

~ Loves to laze about with a stash of books to read... ~
~ ...But can't sit still, for fear of being too lazy ~

~ Treasures solitude, daydreaming alone, with only books and a computer for company ~
~ ...But craves company, longs for friends, hugs and affection ~

~ Dreams of many fantastic images and ideas, brims with creativity... ~
~ ...But has no creative talent or ability whatsoever! ~

~ Needs order, neatness, organisation and perfection... ~
~ ...But is forever messing things up and getting things wrong ~

In short,
"A Living Contradiction"

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